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Sombudha Adhikari Comments on the Scientific Health Benefits of World Travel

Avid traveler Sombudha Adhikari recently commented on the scientific health benefits of world travel.

Whitehouse Station, NJ / The COVID-19 pandemic has made non-essential travel virtually non-existent. The abrupt halt to traveling in early 2020 has caused a lot of people to begin thinking about where they’ll travel when the skies open again.

World traveler Sombudha Adhikari recently commented on the scientific health benefits of traveling abroad, and why we should all plan to pack our bags when the pandemic subsides.

“A report from Hostelworld Global Traveler stated that citizens of the United States are only half as likely to travel abroad as Europeans,” Sombudha Adhikari said. “This could be related to some of the stress, depression, and general dissatisfaction with life many Americans feel.”

Sombudha Adhikari explained that travel has been proven to reduce the risk of depression. Millions of Americans are currently battling depression right now, and traveling can be one of the most exciting and healthy ways to get away. Sombudha Adhikari cited a study from Wisconsin’s Marshfield Clinic that stated women who take vacations twice a year (or more) are less likely to suffer from chronic stress and depression than those who vacation less than one time every two years.

“A study from Cornell University also stated that people tend to experience increased happiness solely from planning a trip,” Sombudha Adhikari. “It’s incredible that the sheer anticipation of traveling abroad can bring about happiness. Imagine how satisfied you’ll feel during and after your travels.”

Sombudha Adhikari added that stress has also shown positive results in battling anxiety and stress. Sure, you could feel a bit of stress when dealing with airports and culture shock, but studies have shown that travelers report a superior mood, less fatigue, and less anxiety almost immediately following a vacation. Many reported that these feelings were experienced for weeks following the vacation.

Finally, Sombudha Adhikari explained that Columbia Business School professor Adam Galinsky authored a variety of studies showing a direct link between international travel and increased creativity.

“These studies showed distinct links between traveling abroad and cognitive flexibility,” Sombudha Adhikari said. “This boost in creativity comes from immersion in varying cultures, adaptation, and active engagement. That said, you’ll need to engage and communicate in the local environment to see these benefits.”


Sombudha Adhikari finished by stating that now could be an ideal time to start planning your future escape. You may not be able to book everything right away, but you can create a tentative itinerary. The process of planning your next getaway could ease some of the stress, unhappiness, and anxiety associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

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