Sombudha Adhikari is a Stanford University graduate (MS) in Data Science with a specialization in clinical, financial, marketing, supply chain, and biotech applications. He is a prominent data scientist that helped IBM implement data analytics and graph database for clients.


    In the last 20 years, Sombudha Adhikari has lead software development teams at IBM, AT&T, IMPL to implement advanced intelligent software to save billions of dollars for organizations, implement artificial intelligence systems, and predict trends and anomalies.   


    Sombudha Adhikari is a prominent data scientist who can provide forecast and prediction for financials, clinical, cybersecurity, and other areas. He serves as a corporate management leader who built technology corporations ground up based best available technologies using internal innovations.

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    Avid traveler Sombudha Adhikari recently commented on the scientific health benefits of world travel. Whitehouse Station, NJ / The COVID-19 pandemic has made non-essential travel virtually non-existent. The abrupt halt to traveling in early 2020 has caused a lot of people to begin thinking...
    Chattanooga is one of America's hidden treasures. This scenic city sits between the Tennessee River and the tree-covered mountains of the southeast portion of the state. Sombudha Adhikari spent years living in Chattanooga and recently discussed several places everyone must-see when visiting the...
    Sombudha Adhikari is known as an innovator. The software engineer and business manager has built numerous companies from the ground up, and he was recently recognized by Silicon Valley for his success. Sombudha Adhikari spoke about the Silicon Valley Innovation Award and what it means to him. ...
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